Are you applying your products correctly?!

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

I’ve said it several times but I’m not sure if anyone has paid attention. You shouldn’t be applying your serums and creams to a dry face! They will sit on the top of your skin and won’t penetrate into your skin causing the products not to be as effective

. Dampening your skin before you apply your skin care prepares it to absorb whatever product you follow with. This is because damp skin is easier to penetrate than dry skin. But damp means just that, lightly misted, freshly cleaned. Not soaking and dripping wet. This means your serums/moisturisers are going to get their best start so they can do their best work.

Some ways you can dampen your skin:

Toners: A balancing prep step that helps neutralise your skin’s pH so the rest of your skin care is better absorbed.

Hydrating Mists: Hydrating mists are exactly what they sound like. And can be super helpful for getting that damp skin while also giving your skin a hydration boost.

Water: Yup. Regular, old water will also do the trick. Don’t dry off fully after cleansing and head straight into your routine. Applying your skin care within 30-60 seconds of washing your face, lightly tap your face of any dripping water.

Now here’s your curve ball...

damp skin if perfect for MOST but not all skin care products. For example, when using an oil cleanser. That should always be applied to dry skin for it to work it’s magic.

You should only apply any retinoids or retinol serums on dry skin. Chemical exfoliating peels as well as acne medication. I know I know, it’s a lot of information to remember, but it’s really important.

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