Brows and Besties

I remember the first time I saw Microblading online 5 years ago... I was amazed by the transformation. I found an artist that Captured my attention right here in Elk Grove. I followed her progress online and thought that after 6 months of contemplating that I was ready! I paid my deposit and booked my appointment. Want to know the truth? I panicked. I couldn’t go through with it. The closer the date got, the more nervous 😬 I became. I thought to myself “But it’s my face! What if she messes up?! What if... what if?!” So I rescheduled my appointment. Not just once. But twice!!! When I finally got my brows Microbladed in September of 2016, I was so in love with my brows and immediately felt like an idiot for waiting so long. But at that point it was what it was. But most importantly, it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

So believe me when I tell you... I completely understand when you express your hesitation. Girl, I’ve been there. So until you’re ready. Ill be here to answer any questions and help put your mind at ease.

But you know what else might help you take the plunge? No not tequila. But nice try. Doing it with a friend or family member! In fact, how about I sweeten the deal... contact me to book an appointment for your new brows with your bestie and you will each receive $70 off your total price. The credit would go towards the initial appointment and the touch up.

So what do you think 🤔

New Brows

Moral support

A discounted price

...What’s stopping you now?

Okay that’s all for today, Until next time

You’re friendly neighbor esthetician


*Deposits mush be made before March 31st!

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