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Well looks like the governor is going to continue to F#%! with us lash artists, waxers and esthetician’s just a little bit longer. Just when I thought I saw the light at the end of this 6 month tunnel. Well If you cant come to me, I guess I’ll bring the lashes to my clients. Hopefully you have all seen my Designer Magnetic Custom lashes by now. I’m loving that I am now able to bring my craft back to life and you can all keep a piece of me in your home! I constantly have people raving about my wispy lashes and now you can have them too. These lashes have 50 plus uses in them. The magnets themselves will continue to work, however because this concept is still new, I was told that the lashes could start to fall apart after 50 uses. So if you get a pair, just be kind and gentle with them.

Why are these Magnetic lashes so important to me? Well they came around at a perfect time in my life because I had recently decided that I will no longer be having lash extensions as a service in the salon. That’s right, I will no longer be providing this service unless you are one of my brides or taking my lash extension course. Am I crazy?! Maybe a little bit but I have a plan. So as much as it saddens me to break this news to you, I have other services I really want to focus on once I am able to open up again. If I even get to open up at all this year. I have taken some amazing trainings this year and I’m so excited to share these with you.

-Hyaluron Lip Infusion

-Fibroblast Skin tightening

-Lash Extension Training

And of course My Brow Services:


-Ombré brows

-Combination brows

So that’s why I was so excited when a friend approached me with the idea to pursue these amazing Magnetic lashes. It is a way for me to still share my lash artistry with all of you. In the long run, not only are you saving so much money by not having get a fill every 2-3 but you are saving time as well. And if quarantine has taught us anything, it’s that time is something we don’t get back.

I recently had someone ask me “So what’s so special about your lashes?? Can’t I just buy the ones on amazon?”

Yes there are so many other companies to choose from. There is Moxie, Glamnetics and even the Cheap ones at the drug store or on amazon. I personally tried the ones from Moxie lash and they were cool, but they didn’t have the style I was looking for. I found myself buying multiple pairs just to be disappointed. They were either way too dramatic or too natural for my liking.

#2 You get what you pay for. I have friends who tried the cheaper brands and has nothing but bad things to say about the quality.

#3 They also didn’t have a clear liner option. I saw everything from black to brown to neon colors but no clear.

#4 The Magnetic lashes I have available also have 6 magnets per pair vs 5 magnets, making them more secure.

#5 Some of other lashes felt stiff and hard like plastic.

Last but definitely not lease, If nothing more, You would be supporting a small business. I take so much pride in my work and absolutely love helping my clients feel good about themselves.

Now, magnetic lashes are not for everyone and I completely understand. Don’t forget I also have Whiplash available for my clients. You know, the vegan lash serum I’m always talking about?! Just thought I’d add that in there before I wrap this up. (Winky face)

Ok I have taken up enough of your time. Hopefully the next time you hear from me, it will be in regards to a skin care line I have in the works. Fingers crossed. Wish me luck. Miss you all.

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